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Special sections are collections of related content bundled for one-time release. The stories and photos are generally placed in a separate section of a newspaper, hence the name special section.

Creators special sections are top-of-the-line, including anywhere from 10 to 15 individual stories and upwards of 10 photos in each section. We feature a wide variety of content, from home improvement to cooking to golf.

What really sets Creators special sections apart from the rest is the quality of our content. The stories are well written, well edited and relevant. The photos we include are high resolution and beautiful. Our sections are guaranteed to put a smile on your readers' faces.

Upcoming Special Section Releases

Section Available
Spring Car Care and Motorcycles 2016 March 2016
Spring/Summer Home Improvement 2016 March 2016
Back to School 2016 May 2016
Real Estate 2016 May 2016
Senior Life 2016 June 2016
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Margo Sugrue and Mary Ann Veldman

Margo and Mary Ann are our special sections sales team. They love to make a deal. Have a question? Contact us today!

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